Have you ever desired the power of the Wonder Twins, whether you're one part of a twin combination or you just happen to have a good buddy or colleague that would make for a good superhero partner? Well, there's nothing that can be done to help you in that department - at least not within the realm of reality, though I suppose there is much to be explored in this great big galaxy of ours - but at least you can look like Zan and Jayna, thanks to Graphitti Designs, Inc.

The clothing manufacturer has added a few cool comic book products to its repertoire, including the indigo-hued Wonder Twins T-shirts. There are two designs available - one for Jayna, one for Zan - with the shirts' listed features consisting of:

- Wonder Twin powers, ACTIVATE!

- Form of...awesome apparel!

- Wear your favorite comics!

Huh. So maybe I was wrong about these shirts not being able to transform you into a sabertooth tiger or a roaring tsunami. Regardless of function, the shirts are great purchases for any Wonder Twin fan. You can activate your purchase at Entertainment Earth.[Source: Entertainment Earth]

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