Movies: The second international trailer for The Wolverine includes new footage with an emphasis on the lethal Viper. [CBM]

DVD: Discotek Media has announced plans to release a proper Mega Man 1994 animated series DVD collection in early 2014, complete with all 27 episodes. [DM]

Movies: The latest poster for Zack Snyder's 300: Rise of an Empire features a shirtless Spartan, meaning all is right with the space-time continuum. [Screen Crush]

Toys: Cassette tapes have never looked so good as with Hasbro's upcoming Masterpiece Edition Soundwave. [Fwoosh]

Fashion: The Venture Bros. shirt club is now offering fans a way to boost United Repressed Grotesque Humanity. [Titmouse]

Documentaries: If you love Ghostbusters, there's a good chance you'll be all about Spook Central, a thorough looking upcoming documentary. [io9]

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