Adam Koford's artistic accomplishments modifying the Twitter bird, contributing to the MRVLCATS phenomenon and creating Laugh-Out-Loud Cats are well documented. Under the name "Ape Lad," Koford has already bestowed more than his fair share of humor upon the world. He's posted a number of sketches and mash-ups around the wider web as well, though, and Marvel, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Doctor Who fans alike will want to take a look.
Goofy Galactus and a cactus Galactus are two of the highlights among the pieces he's made available via and his Ape Lad Flickr account. But he makes you wonder if Harry couldn't have solved the whole Death Eater problem with a lot less trouble just by casting a "Catronus" (assuming that can be done).

The Snoopy Dalek, Gollum Green Lantern and Admiral Ackbar hobo are pretty great, too. Laugh it up and enjoy those Ape Lad creations and more below.

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