While DC Collectibles has been promoting the home cities of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and others, after a fashion, with a line of travel posters, Adam Thompson has gone one better by taking fans on a tour of the Justice League's respective bases of operations with an interlocking poster series spanning Metropolis, Gotham City, Atlantis, Themyscira, Oa and more. The assembled image trails off a bit once it hits the Flash and Green Arrow, who are more or less adventuring outside Central City or Keystone City or Star City, but it's still nice to see the lineup present and accounted for across multiple locations. If DCU geography isn't quite your thing, the artist is also adept at donning the Batman family in motorcycle jackets and other stylized attire that seems suited for cosplay conversion. You can see Thompson's poster handiwork past the cut, along with even more of his work at his online portfolio.

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