After accepting a challenge from himself to create a new EP in just one weekend, nerdcore rapper Adam WarRock came through for himself with the creation of My X-Factor EP, a new mixtape that you can download for free right now. Perhaps inspired by his recent tour of West Coast comics stores, WarRock's six-track EP features songs about his favorite expressions of the Marvel mutants, including Havok, Polaris, Wolfsbane, Madrox and Strong Guy.Like many readers of a certain generation, WarRock considers the Peter David and Larry Stroman run of X-Factor to be the series definitive era, and it is upon that material that My X-Factor EP is based. From the My X-Factor EP liner notes:

I fell in love with that X-Factor team that started with issue 71 back in 1991, written by Peter David and penciled by Larry Stroman. To me, THAT team is the definitive X-Factor team, uncontaminated by the massive overlap that X-Factor had with the other X teams for so long before that. I jumped on the comic reading bandwagon back when X-Factor was confusingly the original X-Men, so as a kid, I always kinda thought of them as X-Men Lite, and the reboot firmly implanted the team of Havok, Polaris, Strong Guy, Multiple Man, and Wolfsbane as "X-Factor," even still to this day.

A verse from "Havok":

I cause Havok on the mic

And you know that it's right

Got you strong dudes ready to fight

Oh you didn't know, my new name, well you can call me Alex Summers

And I'm down to cause pain, and I do it with the thunder

And the lightning in my veins, turn to plasma when I rumble

And I'm down to slap the track, back, watch the buildings crumble

I wear a spandex suit, so man that's cute

When you attempt to mock, watch me ram that through

And i don't wear ruby quartz like my brother

And I don't have a stupid moustache like my father, know the numbers

It's sixteen and a half to recharge

So that's like a half a day and a nap, I'll see y'all

When we battle back and over the track, so be gone

For I wake and stretch the kinks out my back, forget that

I'm rough and rugged when I shrug off cosmic energy

In any alternate universe, yeah that man is me.

Yeah, and my boo got that dopest green hair

Call me Alex Summers, if you're nasty, mon frere

David and Stroman's run of X-Factor has been helpfully collected by Marvel Comics in a series of X-Factor Visionaries paperbacks, which you can purchase online from Things From Another World.

If you're unfamiliar with WarRock's work, check out this video of his recent gig at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood, California, where the rapper performed a medley of songs from his West Coast Avengers mixtape (which may contain NSFW language).

For more on Adam WarRock, including news about next month's commercial release, This Man... This Emcee!, be sure to check out his official site.

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