Who are the greatest X-Men of all time? To mark the release of X-Men: Apocalypse, we came up with the ultimate list of the top 100 characters ever to wear the X as part of the extended family of Professor Charles Xavier's Westchester school. These are the very best heroes (and sometimes villains) in more than fifty years of stories about Marvel mutants fighting for a world that hates and fears them!

The final list was determined by a combination of our expert panel's rankings and our readers' votes, and as you might expect, the results offer an amazing selection of icons, powerhouses, and gorgeous freaks --- not to mention a few unexpectedly popular weirdoes. But it wouldn't be the X-Men without embracing the appeal of the weird.

Starting from a list of over 300 characters, panelists Elle Collins, Steve Morris, Katie Schenkel, Aaron Reese, and Andrew Wheeler whittled the selection down to 125 characters and offered their assessment on each one, before inviting fans to vote on the greatness of each nominee, one by one. The combined scores of the public and the judges have helped us to arrive at a list that feels pretty definitive, even if we say so ourselves!

Check out the 100 Greatest X-Men of All Time --- a list that you helped create --- and see where your favourites ranked!

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