While there’s no official release date yet (although it’s rumored to hit in 2018), Deadpool 2 is gearing up to start filming pretty soon. We don’t know much about the plot or any new characters other than the fact that Cable is going to be in it, which is something we’ve known since the first Deadpool movie teased it after the credits. But as to who’s playing Cable, it’s anyone’s guess at this point as the movie is only just starting to round out their cast. A few days ago, Deadpool’s co-creator Rob Liefeld wanted Russell Crowe to play the part, which was probably just a bit of industry fancasting. But now we know that one of the names on the list of possibilities is none other than Stranger ThingsDavid Harbour.

The Wrap has learned that Harbour has been screen-tested by Fox for the character, but no word yet on whether any negotiations are taking place. Cable has a long history with the X-Men and with Deadpool, and one heck of a complicated backstory that I’m sure the movie is going to find all kinds of ways to make fun of. Cable, aka Nathan Summers, is the son of Cyclops and Jean Grey’s clone who was transported to a possible future timeline as an infant and grew up a warrior before returning to the present day, now an adult and in possession of a cybernetic arm, bionic eye, and various mutant abilities. And that’s just the first couple of pages.

Now, Harbour is a pretty big, tall guy, but does he have that kind of grizzled, warrior look Cable needs? He’s a hero in Stranger Things but is also completely able to play sinister if he wants. Plus, depending on how long Stranger Things lasts, he might want to think about attaching himself to another franchise — and Cable is a known member of the X-Force, which is another X-Men movie currently in the works at Fox. So, would Harbour be the right guy for the job? Or should Fox keep looking?

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