For those of us used to spending their work days... and much of their free time... in the digital space, Finn and Jake's predicament in Adventure Time #14 may be an all-too-familiar plight. Life in the Land of Ooo has its upsides, however, as punching monsters and singing songs tend to alleviate AT's protagonists' various predicaments, whereas you and I would probably just have to harsh our renter's insurance premiums to "escape" from a digital realm by smashing everything we own with a screen on it and ripping a wifi router from the wall. Fans will just have to trust Ryan North, Shelli Paroline and Braden lamb to keep AT's more entertaining trend alive and buzzing when the new issue arrives in March. In the meantime, we can all look at the issue's four funtastic covers by Mike Holmes, Jason Ho, Liz Prince and Ming Doyle.From Boom Studios' official solicitation info:

FINAL ISSUE OF THE ARC! Finn and Jake are trapped inside a digital world...who can rescue the heroes? Find out in the latest installment of "the best comic of 2012!" An all-ages sensation!

You can see all four Adventure Time #14 covers below.

Mike Holmes

Jason Ho

Liz Prince

Ming Doyle

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