I've read enough adventure stories to know that every hero has a secret weakness. It could be as simple as the limitations of the human body or as specific as radioactive chunks of one's home planet, but it's always there, and it always presents a horrifying challenge when it's encountered. For Finn the Human, it's apparently a lack of control when it comes to putting candy directly into his mouth.

In the backup story of next week's Adventure Time #17, this horrifying flaw comes back to haunt him as he and Jake are tasked to guard a big ol' fishbowl full of silly string, courtesy of writer/artist Jay Hosler!Check out two pages below!

That's a pretty fun comic to begin with, but I think the major takeaway here is that it's somehow taken this long for someone in comics to use "oh snikt!" as an expression of shock and surprise. I think we all need to start that.

"Silly String Theory" runs at the end of Adventure Time #17, out next week (June 26) from Boom! Studios.

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