Generally speaking, variant covers can be a drag. At their worst, they can emphasize comic "collectibility" over their actual content. Every now and then, though, someone gets it right, and Boom! Studios' latest round of Adventure Time and Marceline and the Scream Queens variants is definitely a great example.

With the variant covers for Adventure Time #8 and Marceline and the Scream Queens #3, they're throwing the spotlight on a pretty fantastic crew of indie and webcomic artists, and the results are pretty awesome. Check 'em out after the cut!For Adventure Time #8, Phil McAndrew drops BMO into a pretty precarious position. But on the bright side, there's treasure:

CA Favorite Colleen Coover shows us BMO's dream of being perfect at fights. Specifically, fights against THEM!:

Drew Weing puts Jake's shape-shifting powers to good use as the crew takes a trip through a flock of phoenices:

Chris Houghton uses his cover to ask the question "can there ever be too many Jakes?!"

For Marceline and the Scream Queens #3, Vera Brosgol conjures up a thunderstorm with the power of a battleaxe guitar, so yeah, it's pretty metal:

Johnny Wander's Yuko Ota makes a pretty great show poster for Marceline and Bubblegum's band:

And finally, JaB creates an homage to Exile in Guyville, which I'm pretty sure represents the first time an all-ages comic has been designed to look like a Liz Phair album:

They're pretty great, and they're actually going to make it pretty tough to decide which cover to get. Fortunately, we've got 'til September to figure it out!

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