Phil McAndrew Brings Incredible Energy To Bloodhounds, Bravest Warriors And ‘Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler’ [Art]
"It's okay to draw like a six-year-old," Phil McAndrew tells those of us with lesser drawing skills. McAndrew doesn't draw like a six-year-old, but that one little sentence says a lot about his work. McAndrew's art is marked by skillful composition and caricature, but it's filled with the energy of someone who hasn't forgotten what it is like to be a six-year-old doodling dinosaurs... Re
Ryan Pequin Pulls A Hadoken In The ‘Bravest Warriors’ #3 Backup [Preview]
Being one of the Bravest Warriors is awesome, but what if you could also summon huge fireballs from your hands? That fantasy may or may not get fulfilled for the young hero Danny next week in Bravest Warriors #3. We got a taste of the issue's diverse covers by Tyson Hesse, Aaron Reiner, John Martz and Phil McAndrew awhile back, and it's cool to see the interior backup by Ryan Pequin packs an equal