Being one of the Bravest Warriors is awesome, but what if you could also summon huge fireballs from your hands? That fantasy may or may not get fulfilled for the young hero Danny next week in Bravest Warriors #3. We got a taste of the issue's diverse covers by Tyson Hesse, Aaron Reiner, John Martz and Phil McAndrew awhile back, and it's cool to see the interior backup by Ryan Pequin packs an equal amount of dynamism as it joins a main story by Joey Comeau and Hesse. It's also a relief to see Pequin's backup doesn't include clowns like the rest of the comic, because they terrify me and I can only take so many pages before having to switch to some less circus-y fare. That's not to say there isn't plenty of action, quite the contrary. In "Bravest Warrior (By Danny)," the team's red-clad member must recount a conflict-filled mission wherein he was forced to make like Ryu and bust out a surge fist on some would-be captors to save his friends. Hadoken!!From Boom! Studios' official solicitation info:

This clown planet is getting the Bravest Warriors super-down, man. But if someone needs saving, then they're the dudes to do it! The comic adaptation of the new show from ADVENTURE TIME creator Pendelton Ward!

You can read four pages from Ryan Pequin's "Bravest Warrior (By Danny)" backup from Bravest Warriors #3 below.

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