Last week saw the release of Supergirl #1, by Steve Orlando, Brian Ching, Michael Atiyeh, and Steve Wands, and as you might expect, the new direction pushed Kara Zor-El a little closer to her television counterpart. The book is set in National City, reintroduced the Danvers Family as DEO agents, and even gave the teenage Supergirl a run-in with a very snarky Cat Grant.

But for as much as it lifted from television, there was one aspect of the book that came straight from the comics, dropped onto the first three pages to help readers catch up with just who Supergirl is and how she came to be. So just in case you missed it, Supergirl #1 kicked off with an All Star Superman-style origin story, and it's pretty fantastic.

Here they are side-by-side, on the off chance that you're not familiar with Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's original:


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Morrison and Quitely's version is probably the most lauded and memorable opening page of the 21st century, and while Orlando and Ching's version doesn't keep the same restriction on eight words, it definitely mirrors the structure.

The team went a step further by including an homage to All Star's spread on pages 2 and 3, as well:


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While Supergirl's homage is certainly the most in tune with the original in terms of tone, it's not the only tribute to All Star Superman that we've seen in DC's Rebirth-era titles. A recent issue of Batman from Tom King and David Finch also referenced another very well-known signature page from the story, although that one went... well, a whole lot darker with it.

Orlando has established himself as a pretty big fan of Morrison in his time at DC, bringing back characters like Freedom Beast and Prometheus in Midnighter, as well as the Subway Pirates in the upcoming Midnighter & Apollo, but this is certainly his most direct tribute --- and it makes for a great opening to a great comic.



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