Could 2012 go down as The Year of The Butt Comic? Following the release of Pokébutts by Lindsey Morris, comes Ahoy, Booty! vol. 1, a 50-page zine curated by Lainey Diamond and Emily Partridge focusing all kinds of attention on the human posterior. How much Booty can you pack into a 50-page publication? Considering the book will feature the work of talents such as Sam Humphries, Sloane Leong, Phil McAndrew, David Malki, Seo Kim, Roman Muradov, Maré Odomo, Sashiko Yuen a.k.a. Wishcandy, Ryan Pequin, Sophia Foster-Dimino and cover artist Partridge, there's a good chance that none of us are quite ready for this jelly. In addition to comics, the $8 zine will include written pieces to take the edge off the robust bootiliciousness. What's more, those who pre-order will not only get a PDF version of the zine when it ships on December 20, they'll also get a digital song by Will Wiesenfeld of Baths/Geotic. You can check out a first-look at Humphries and Leong's color spread, "Beach Bums," after the jump to see if this slightly NSFW zine is your cup of, uh, butt tea?

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