"It's okay to draw like a six-year-old," Phil McAndrew tells those of us with lesser drawing skills. McAndrew doesn't draw like a six-year-old, but that one little sentence says a lot about his work. McAndrew's art is marked by skillful composition and caricature, but it's filled with the energy of someone who hasn't forgotten what it is like to be a six-year-old doodling dinosaurs. That's probably why he's drawn variant covers for BOOM! comics like Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors and Regular Show, when he's not working on his own illustrations and comics.

McAndrew actually has a couple of print projects coming out this spring. Along with Emily Carroll, Gigi D.G. and Tyson Hesse, McAndrew is part of the most recent Benign Kingdom Kickstarter campaign, and art books from each of these creators are due to debut at next week's Emerald City Comic Con. His collection of short comics, Crying in Front of Your Dog and Other Stories, will be released by Grimalkin Press this spring. In the meantime, you can check out McAndrew's site and follow him on Tumblr. I'd also recommend taking a peek at his illustrated articles, "Super Obvious Secrets That I Wish They'd Teach In Art School" and "Draw Like a Six-Year-Old."

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