What time is it? At Boom! Studios it's Annual Time! Following the continued success of its ongoing series and tie-ins, Boom! has announced an upcoming Adventure Time Annual #1. Set for a May release, the annual will serve as something of an AT anthology with stories by Roger Langridge, Derek Fridolfs, Dustin Nguyen and more to be announced. What's more, like the regular AT ongoing, the annual will feature numerous covers by artists including Ale Garza and Natasha Allegri. You can get an early look at the upcoming annual's pending cover art after the jump.

From Boom! Studios' official solicitation info:

THE FUN WILL NEVER END IN THIS SPECIAL EXPANDED ADVENTURE TIME ANNUAL! Featuring some of the hottest talent in comics today putting their creative spin on the land of Ooo! A great tool for bringing readers into the series and an awesome book for die-hard ADVENTURE TIME FANS! Featuring stories from Roger Langridge, Derek Fridolfs, Dustin Nguyen and others!

You can see larger images of Garza and Allegri's Adventure Time Annual #1 covers below, but note that both are still subject to licensing approval.

[Click Cover To Enlarge]

Ale Garza

Natasha Allegri

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