When Boom! Studios announced its Adventure Time With Fionna and Cake spinoff would be helmed by the AT cartoon's own Natasha Allegri, fans knew its awesomeness was assured. Even so, judging from sales of its first issue, retailers and readers haven't been taking that for granted. The Allegri goodness is slated to continue in Adventure Time With Fionna and Cake #4 this April, with Terry Blas and colorist Kimball Davis, Rachel Dukes, and Faith Erin Hicks joining the writer/artist on covers that demonstrate Fionna's swordswomanship and Lumpy Space Prince's handsomeness. Take a look after the jump.From Boom!'s official solicitation info:

THE FAN-FAVORITE ADVENTURE TIME SERIES CONTINUES! The Flame Boy rescued by Fionna and Cake has a secret...Will returning him to his fire lion pride finally reveal it?

You can check out all four Adventure Time With Fionna and Cake #4 covers below.

[Click Covers To Enlarge]Natasha Allegri
Terry Blas And Colorist Kimball Davis

Rachel Dukes

Faith Erin Hicks

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