Boom Studios is rolling out its share of comics bearing exclusive covers at San Diego Comic-Con 2012, but the publisher's latest offering is brand new, through and through -- and unfoldable to boot. Created by cartoonist Jon Chad (Leo Geo), the hand-crafted Adventure Time: The Adventure Unfolds mini-comic chronicles a battle between the team of Finn and Jake and a head-sprouting duck hydra. Between Jake's unstoppable elasticity and the duck hydra's doubling domes, their battle wages to the point that it spills beyond the boundaries of a single page and into massive multi-page spreads readers have to unfold to believe. Limited to just 700 copies, the SDCC exclusive comic can be obtained at the Boom! booth (#2743) for $30 while supplies last. Boom! has provided us with a first-look at the comic, along with a video starring Jon Chad as he details just what went into crafting the latest Adventure Time tale. Take a look at the Adventure Time: The Adventure Unfolds SDCC exclusive mini-comic after the cut.

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