As the gender-swapped theme song says, "With Cake the Cat and Fionna the Human, the fun will never end," but come June, they will at least temporarily conclude as Adventure Time With Fionna and Cake #6 caps its miniseries run by Adventure Time animated series storyboard artist and character designer (and creator of Fionna and Cake herself) Natasha Allegri. Fans needn't be bummed, though, as Allegri is hard at work on loads of new projects, including her own Cartoon Hangover series, Bee and PuppyCat. Besides, there's still a bunch of Allegri-ffic issues left to read in the meantime. Boom! Studios has sent us an advance look at all of the alternate covers coming to Adventure Time With Fionna and Cake #6 by Allegri, Jen Wang, Liz Prince, and Kate Leth, which you can preview after the cut.From Boom!'s official solicitation info:

THE FINAL ISSUE OF THE CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED SERIES! Fionna and Cake have uncovered the flame boy's secret...and it's a royal surprise! Don't miss the series critics are calling "charming" and "one of the best of 2013"! Written and drawn by Natasha Allegri, the creator of fan-favorite characters Fionna and Cake

You can see all four Adventure Time With Fionna and Cake #6 covers below.

[Click Covers To Enlarge]Natasha Allegri
Jen Wang
Liz Prince

Kate Leth

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