While development of Guillermo del Toro and David Eick's version of The Hulk has been public knowledge since news broke last month, it looks like Marvel's first new live-action television series will actually be AKA Jessica Jones, based on the MAX Comics series Alias by Brian Michael Bendis that took a gritter look at the Marvel Universe through the eyes of a former superheroine turned private investigator. AKA Jessica Jones will be written and executive produced for ABC by Melissa Rosenberg, best known for her work on the Twilight film adaptations (but we'll try not to hold that against her).Created by Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos (and featuring covers by David Mack), Alias followed the life of private eye Jessica Jones, who had a natural talent for solving cases involving some of the Marvel Universe's more extraordinary citizens. One memorable storyline involved Jones discovering a criminal enterprise surrounding the sale of Mutant Growth Hormone, which gave its homo sapien users some degree of temporary superpowers. Very arguably one of Bendis' best works, Alias concluded after about 30 issues and Jessica Jones was integrated into the mainstream Marvel Universe, specifically to The Pulse and New Avengers, where she and superhero Luke Cage conceived a child together.

Does this mean a Heroes for Hire spinoff show could be in the cards? Our friends at MTV Splash Page think it's a good idea.

According to Variety, Bendis will consult on AKA Jessica Jones, and Marvel's television head Jeph Loeb will also produce alongside Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, although neither executive nor Marvel or ABC commented directly.

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