Ryan Estrada is a cartoonist whose work you might recognize from the fourth volume of the always lovely Flight anthology. He employs a big and bright children's book illustration style to his comics, all of which you can now read for free on any iPad, smartphone, computer or e-reader. Estrada has made 1,000 pages of material available for free in one single, massive 800+ megabyte download.

The occasion? The release of his new 200-page graphic novel, Aki Alliance, a young adult book about a girl whose goal is to make friends with every single person in her school. The book is also available as a free download, and you can check out a 20-page preview of Aki Alliance after the jump.Aki is an 11-year-old girl who finds herself in a new school with no friends. It wouldn't have been so bad if she didn't piss everybody off by joining teams or bands and starting clubs that she quickly abandoned, causing everybody to hate her for being a massive flake. Lonely and resentful and finding no help from her strict parents, Aki accepts a frenemy's challenge to make friends with every single person in school, no matter how difficult it is. Of course, she runs into complications -- like joining rival gangs.

Six years in the making, Aki Alliance is a 200-page graphic novel that's available as a free PDF download on creator Ryan Estrada's website. If you like what you read, you should avail yourself of the complete Estra comics archive, also a free download. 1,000 pages for $0.00 - you won't find a better bargain than that.