If superhero Mighty Muggs were sold in the Fallout 3 universe, they would probably be advertised on posters that looked like they'd been drawn by Spain-based artist Alex Santalo. He tends to use a lot of big heads and potato-shaped bodies, but he's also a whiz at making his subjects look slightly old-timey using a light patina on top of his clean, graphic compositions.

Santalo's smiley creations catalogued on his deviantART account use mainly Marvel U. inhabitants like Taskmaster, Banshee and Wolverine, but he mixes it up with some veteran toy heroes, too, like He-Man, Optimus Prime and Lion-O.

His Captain America and Colossus appear as though they may be about ready to give you culinary instructions in Cooking Mama, any one of his posts could be the inspiration for a Mii on your Wii, but they've all got a lot of heart, and that's why we've posted a few of our favorites Santalo pieces after the jump.

[Via Geek Art]