Fans who scored the first Alpha Flight Minimates box set at San Diego Comic-Con this past summer from Art Asylum, Diamond Select Toys and Action Figure Xpress will have a chance to double the ranks of their blocky Canadian superhero team this October at New York City Comic Con. Joining the first wave's Northstar, Guardian, Puck and Marrina will be Sasquatch, Snowbird, Talisman and Aurora Minimates. With Alpha Flight's Box and Vindicator set for release as part of Toys 'R' Us upcoming Marvel Minimates Wave 14, it's a pretty solid year to collect Department H's flagship team. Though a specific price hasn't been listed yet, it's probably safe to assume the box set will follow in the footsteps of similar exclusives and fetch around $19.99 when it drops at AFX booth 556 at NYCC this October 11-14. Hit the jump to see the full Alpha Flight Series 2 Minimates box set.

[Via Toy Ark]

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