When you were a child, you probably learned that "A" was for Apple, but as the AlphaBeasts! tumblr blog has so aptly demonstrated over the course of the last 26 weeks or so, "A" is also for Anubis, Alien, Amphisbaena, Anguirus, and a herd of other mythological beasts.
The premise of the group blog is simple, a combination of ABC primers with bestiaries by way of a meme. More than 100 artists, professionals and amateurs alike, drew different monsters to correspond with each letter of the alphabet. Some made it through all 26 letters, others only contributed one, or four, or 17.

Some organized their beasts along a certain type, like Monster Isle cartoonist Joey Weiser choosing to draw an all kaiju gallery and Amelia Earhart: The Broad Ocean cartoonist Ben Towle chose to draw inspiration for all of his drawings from Dungeons & Dragons supplements. Gerri Ryan made her monsters in rather widely mixed media, while others made theirs in black and white.

Check out a small sampling of some of our favorites below:

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