A few weeks back, we took a look at Amanda Visell's Wood Idols, a series of hand-carved, hand-painted wooden statues of pop culture icons. This week, Vissell's back with more, and they somehow manage to be even more awesome that first round.

Maybe it's the inclusion of signature quotes in loopy, cursive handwriting across the back of characters like Garfield and Optimus Prime, maybe it's the same blocky design and hand-made boxes, it may even be the attention to detail in giving us Wolverine's body hair, but let's get real. It's mostly because this time, she made Batman. Check out her new batch of idols after the cut!




Wonder Woman:


Optimus Prime:



And, just in time for Halloween, Michael Jackson in full Thriller garb:

Unfortunately for would-be (wood-be?) customers, most of these one-of-a-kind pieces are currently unavailable. If anyone could lend me eight hundo so I could get that Batman, though, I'd really appreciate it.

For more, including shots of the figures from the back so that you can see the quotes, check out Visell's gallery at Switcheroo!

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