Last night on American Idol -- and never you mind why I was watching American Idol -- my TV screen played host to something one normally doesn't see without a heavy quantity of hallucinogens coursing through one's bloodstream: An Autobot from Transformers auditioning for a singing contest. Or at least, a guy in full-on Transformers cosplay.

Specifically, 24 year-old Drew Beaumier, who belted out "Born To Be Wild" (the parts he could remember, anyway) in hopes of breaking the ten-year streak of Idol never, ever allowng anyone in a costume to make it through to the second round. Truly it was a magical moment, but if you missed it, don't worry: Thanks to MovieFone's Cinematical blog and the magic of YouTube, we can all enjoy it together.

I've got to say, despite having a pretty sweet costume (it transforms and rolls, and apparently even replicates the sound effects!), Drew makes some pretty obvious missteps in his audition. For one thing, maybe -- and I'm just thinking out loud here -- maybe your audition for American Idol is not the time to advance your theory that by 2020, we'll all be getting around in car suits. Then again, you never know if you'll have another opportunity to share that insight with noted futurist Randy Jackson, so it's understandable.

The biggest blunder, though, is definitely in choice of music. Yeah, yeah, "Get your motor runnin'" isn't a bad way to start when you're dressed as a singing Ford Mustang, but let's be real for a second. How could you dress as a Transformer and go on American Idol without singing "The Touch?"

Sure, it might not be on Idol's list of copyright-cleared songs, but come on, Drew. You're a winner. Break the rules, take the heat.