It just wouldn't be fair to point at one artist's Muppet/X-Men mash-up work with also honoring the art of Amy Mebberson. Her expressive illustration has appeared in piles of Boom! Studios' Monsters, Inc. and Muppet books, and her sketch adventures cover even more ground, with a little Doctor Who, Gonzo Destro and some Disney princesses mixed it for good measure.Mebberson Tumbles her custom commissions at Among other character collisions there, you'll find Kermit Wolverine, Muppet Batman rogues and some Muppet Indiana Jones action.

Really, once you click on the more button at the bottom of her Tumblr main page, we challenge you not to fall into a bottomless fun-pit of pinups, Miss Piggy-as-Black Widow, and Time Lord pony shenanigans. Her Fozzie Bear and Kermit as Vincent and Jules from Pulp Fiction sets the standard, though. Flip through some highlights and ponder what your commission request for her would be after the jump.

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