I won't lie to you, folks: I like stories about robots punching each other. In fact, I like stories about robots punching each other so much that when you get right down to it, it's pretty darn weird that I've spent my life being so skeptical of the Transformers, considering that it's a franchise with thirty years of history that's about nothing but robots punching each other and then turning into airplanes or dinosaurs or whatever. But I think I'm getting off track here.

What really matters right now is that Titan is serving up an all-new comic full of robot punching (and occasional cyborg punching) from writer/artist André Lima Araújo. It's called Man Plus, and at its heart, it's a crime story... where the crime is robots punching people to death. If you're not already all in, check out a preview below!

Set in the Portugese city of Olissipo in a not too didstant future where mega-corporations have replaced governments and are manufacturing robots for use on off-world colonies, Man Plus kicks off with an android rampaging through the streets trying to get away from a cyborg strike team, and follows the cops that have to deal with it. It's a pretty great showcase for Araújo's art:





Whether "Man Plus" refers to a specific character, and whether he'll end up dealing with his arch-nemeses, Man Minus and Man Division Sign, remains to be seen, but we can all find out on July 8, when the first of four issues drops from Titan.