Andre Szymanowicz draws some quirky stuff, such as Don Draper dressed as Madman and his "Popgun"-invitee comic "Sushi Nachos." It's no wonder that he was asked to contribute artwork for "Elephantmen," too, given how animated his Batman and Spirit sketches look, even when they're covered in shadows and watercolors.

His watercolored Zatanna and Amazing Joy Buzzards pieces likewise demonstrate how lively he can make a composition with little more than a pose and a few splashes with a brush. You'll find them and more over on Szymanowicz's Groove Junction blog.

Plenty of other comics artists have done a lot less with a lot more on their pages, but he sports a style and affection for Robin that jump right out of his panels. In fact, most of his subjects can be seen jumping off of buildings somewhere in his portfolio. Just look at our favorite picks from his portfolio and find out what jumps out at you.

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