Kids today. They are all about the smooching, man. They smooch in the sunshine out on the bleachers for all of Midtown High (or somesuch bleacherized locale) to see. It's young love, y'all. Young love Spider-Man reboot style! How's that going to look in 3-D? Set photos at Gossip Center by GinsburgSpaly and PacificCoastNewsOnline are decidedly 2-D, but it's pretty easy to imagine. Just look that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone acting it up. That's mad smooching in any dimension -- especially the Smooch Dimension, which you can enter after the jump.

Garfield may not be in a Spider-Man suit in these images, but it's nice to see this film's Gwen isn't so shallow that she'll only show affection when Pete is rocking his web-slinging duds the way a certain cinematic redhead used to. That was so weak nobody would've blinked if Sam Raimi would've brought Mephisto into Spider-Man 4 to clean house. Of course, the old Pete wasn't a very confident cat by most standards, so maybe MJ wasn't totally to blame for their wonky relationship.

At any rate, it's pretty rad to see that the new kids seem to have chemistry. See if you agree below:

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