This past week, Hasbro and Marvel teamed up for another fan vote to determine one new figure for the Marvel Legends line. The qualifying rounds actually took place at San Diego Comic-Con, with each day of the convention hosting a different round of four. You had to visit the Hasbro booth to place a vote, but the initial round of 16 was quite intriguing. In addition to well-known characters like Symbiote Spider-Man, Quasar, Nebula, Lady Sif and Nova, there were a lot of fringe heroes and villains thrown into the mix like Lyra, Cosmo, Bor, the Executioner and Angela.

Now that I look at these names again, there were a lot of cosmic and Asgard-related characters. Guess that means there's likely to be a Thor line and a cosmic hero line in the next year or two, which makes sense given Marvel's movie schedule (Thor: Ragnarok and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 are both due in 2017). Of the sixteen announced, only three (Mysterio, Spider-Man and the Hood) wouldn't fit into those two molds. When all was said and done at SDCC, only four characters remained, and fans would have to choose from Mysterio, Symbiote Spider-Man, Darkhawk and Angela to determine the next Marvel Legend.

Hasbro previously held fan votes in 2007 and 2009, with Age of Apocalypse Sunfire winning the sole spot in '07, and Deadpool, Black Widow and Valkyrie taking home the prizes in '09. For this year's poll, Spider-Man being included in any form made him the early favorite, but you can never count out Darkhawk who has had a tremendous fan following since the '90s. Unfortunately for both of the Marvel mainstays, it was the newest member of the Marvel Universe that took home the crown in 2015.

Surprising just about everyone, Angela recorded 28% of the vote, marginally beating out Darkhawk (26%), with Mysterio (24%) and Spidey (20%) bringing up the rear. Interestingly enough, Angela can actually fit into either of the hypothetical waves we've postulated, as she's been traveling around with Guardians of the Galaxy and is also known as Asgard's Assassin. That Symbiote Spidey will almost certainly see the light of day, as Hasbro just can't get enough of the webhead, but it's a shame we're not getting that Darkhawk though. Given that we also just got a Misty Knight and a White Tiger, there's certainly still a shot for Mysterio to find his way out into the wild eventually.

This actually won't be Angela's first foray into the action figure realm, as she's had more than a few different toys based on her earlier incarnation over in Spawn. However, this will be her first collectible under the Marvel banner, where she's been since the end of Age of Ultron. She's been a major presence in Marvel since that event, and the company has been pushing her rather hard since Neil Gaiman gave his blessing for her to be a part of the Marvel U. Having her in an action figure line at the LCS and places like Target and Toys 'R Us will certainly help raise awareness amongst more casual fans, too.


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