Marvel’s Ant-Man did a solid job of establishing its title character as a significant player in the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it also laid the groundwork for another story of equal interest. In flashbacks to Hank Pym’s world-saving days, we meet his wife, Janet, aka The Wasp, a superhero who one-ups her partner’s shrinking abilities with some pretty badass wings. Unfortunately, we only catch a few brief glimpses of this iconic Marvel heroine in the midst of a very hectic action scene. Fortunately, some newly revealed concept art now allows us to pick apart the details of her costume like real nerds.

Artist Andy Park posted his design on Twitter, showing off an outfit that acts a perfect companion piece to the Ant-Man costume:



Although it looks very similar to the Ant-Man suit, obsessives will note the tiny differences – the sharp point on the top of the helmet, the shoulder pads, and the jacket design that makes this look like a more comfortable two-piece instead of the tight body suit Paul Rudd was forced to endure in the actual movie. It looks nothing like the Wasp’s most iconic comic book outfit, which is traditionally yellow and black, but it’s a good look.

Plus, fans will (hopefully) get to see a more classical looking Wasp when Evangeline Lilly suits up in later movies. Just in case you forgot (or if you were foolish enough to leave a Marvel movie before the credits were over), here’s the new Wasp suit that was revealed in the mid-credits stinger. Heh. Stinger.





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