Papercraft isn't just the poor fan's alternative to expensive designer vinyl editions of popular characters. It's a beautiful art form that Qooplo creator Anthony Brennan has mastered and used to depict everyone from Patton Oswalt and CM Punk to Emma Frost and Captain America. And as is the case with most papercraft, their greatest feature is instant downloadability.
Brennan's boxy wonders based on the Cubeecraft template by Chris Beaumont can be downloaded off of his website at His Daredevil is adorable, but his greatest triumphs may be The Incredible Hulk and Miss Frost, who looks like a hybrid of a Power Puff Girl and a Pablo Picasso painting.

They can both be yours with the click of a mouse, but you'll have to supply your own "coo"-ing sounds when you tickle little Steve Rogers and Iron Man. Paper cuts have never been so worth the risk. Still guards your fingertips as you embark on one of these folding odysseys.

[Via Tomopop]

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