Toys: G.I. Joe Retaliation's Snake Eyes is getting the Hot Toys treatment in 2013, although the figure won't come with Timber the wolf. [HT]

Upcoming: Michel Fiffe's trailer for COPRA #3 has us intrigued. [MF]
Art: This transforming cardboard EVA Unit-01 is one of the most impressive papercraft figures to ever protect Tokyo-3. [Neatorama]

Video: An RC plane customized to look like Superman soars over a beach, where it was probably not mistaken for a bird or a plane. [Mashable]

Webcomics: A new Wagan Land comic by Matt Moylan and Rob "Robaato" Porter has officially joined the ShiftyLook stable of series. [ShiftyLook]

Gaming: Zac Gorman runs down his favorite games of 2012 in GIF-eriffic comic. [Kotaku]

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