Whatever million dollar iTunes scam you were waiting to hatch is going to have to wait. Thanks to an alleged comic app scam by mycompany's Thuat Nguyen, Apple's cranking security up to "11" (or maybe more like "1") - iTunes users will have to enter their credit card security code more frequently when making purchases.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, consumers blew the whistle on Nguyen's 40+ sales-dominating comic apps (mostly Vietnamese versions of manga such as Akira Toriyama's "Dragon Ball"), which violated Apple's policies by, among other things, "including fraudulent purchase patterns." Basically, the scam inflated mycompany's sales numbers by charging unwitting victims for downloads they never wanted.
The WSJ spoke with one victim who said she was taken for $7,000 by the scam and Alexbrie estimates the scam's financial reach could extend past $1 million all told.

Apple's added security measures don't seem especially harsh, all things considered, and the fraud is a powerful reminder that no platform is without its flaws and that practical personal security measures are the order of the day. But really Apple, c'mon! Keep comics safe, eh?

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