Superman and Batman played a huge role when I was learning to read back in the mid-1980s. Not only did I have plenty of storybooks and comics featuring the two, but I also had read-along books and records (yes, records) that I listened to on a nearly daily basis.

It looks like the kids of 2014 are going to have the opportunity to experience an updated version of that with a new interactive storybook from Livo Books, Superman and Bizarro Save the Planet. It's available through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The website for the book doesn't say who wrote the story or did the art -- it simply says that Warner Bros. Global Publishing developed it -- but it has a classic look to it. It's a little Dan Jurgens-like, maybe. Superman is wearing his costume with the trunks, too, which is welcome.

The app highlights text as a narrator reads out the story, which is a cool touch for beginning readers. And the interactive elements look pretty cool. But be warned: After the first few pages, you've got to pay, and no kid is going to want his or her Superman/Bizarro story to go unfinished. Be ready to shell out.

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