As evidenced by picks like Nonplayer, Blue Estate and Undying Love, WonderCon 2011 bestowed a bounty of indie titles on Fresh Ink! Online host Blair Butler this week. As usual, however, Blair's careful to round out her selections with the buzzworthy Marvel event Fear Itself and the unstoppable The Walking Dead. With such a solid stable of books at hand, you'll be hard pressed to guess her Pick of The Week.

Blair was also kind enough to refer Fresh Ink! Online viewers to CA's interview with Nonplayer creator Nate Simpson, parlaying one wonderful recommendation into another!The LA Times Hero Complex mastermind Geoff Boucher talks about an awesome Vertigo series, iZombie by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred, the first chunk of which has recently been collected into its first TPB.

See the freshest of the fresh Fresh Ink! Online recs below: