Fashion: On top of toys, Funko will be offering Pop! Vinyl style DC Domo tees at its SDCC booth #5343. [Funko]



Movies: Thor: The Dark World production art makes for a handsome SDCC exclusive poster. [ScreenCrush]



Upcoming: Power Rangers graphic novel publisher Papercutz has released an intriguing teaser regarding its future comic releases. [Papercutz]



Toys: It looks like Hot Toys will be digging into Batman '66 for new 1/6 scale figures as part of their Toy Fairs exclusives this year. [HT]

Gaming: Pokemon XY's fifth gameplay trailer introduces new pokemon Pangoro, Inkay, Malamar, Swirlix and Spritzee, plus humans Professor Sycamore and goons from the evil Team Flare. [Pokemon]


Gaming: The Batman we all know and love gets profiled in the latest Crisis on Infinite Earths video game promo video. [ScreenCrush]


Web: Marvel has debuted Earth's Mightiest Show, hosted by G4 alum and Heart writer Blair Butler. [ME]

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