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New poster print features the character fans have been asking for the most - Anita Blake, fighting her way out of a swarm of zombies!

When the comic book adaptation of Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter in Guilty Pleasures hit shelves, they gave fans an image of Jean-Claude, a powerful vampire who owns a nightclub and shares a special connection with Anita Blake. In February, they gave fans Aubrey, the vampire exotic dancer from the Guilty Pleasures Nightclub. In March, it was Phillip, the man who willingly gave himself to vampires to feed upon to feed his own strange addiction to the experience.

And now, in celebration of the successful launch of Anita Blake #6 last week, Dabel Brothers Productions and Laurell K. Hamilton have decided to give fans the print they've demanded the most: an image of Anita Blake herself, drawn by series artist Brett Booth!

The print will go on sale on the Dabel Brothers Productions website ( at noon EST on Wednesday, April 25th, and should offer fans of the series the perfect way to begin their countdown to the release of this summer's Hardcover collection of the series and the release of the original comic book miniseries by Laurell K. Hamilton, Anita Blake: The First Death, both of which are produced by Dabel Brothers Production and published by Marvel Comics. Those who purchase a print will automatically be entered into a special drawing to receive signed copies of both the Hardcover collection and the first issue of the summer miniseries following their launch in July, 2007!

The print will measure 18x24 and be printed on a sturdy, glossy paper, suitable for framing, at the lovely price of $14.99. It features a brand new take on Anita's striking pose from the cover of the second issue's second printing, and depicts her climbing out of a nest of zombies with a gun in one hand and a bloody knife in the other, glaring over her shoulder. Her shirt proudly bears an image of one of her trademark penguins -- in this case, a penguin dressed like Dracula with the phrase "I Vant to Peck Your Neck" in blood red letters above and below.

Customers will also be able to purchase February's print, featuring the exotic male vampire dancer, Aubrey, as well as March's print, which features Phillip wearing a special costume that many fans have absolutely adored. Best of all, during the first four weeks of the print's release, all three posters can be purchased together for the one-time price of $39.99!

The print can be viewed at this link:

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