Archaia Comics debuted one half of their "Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock" Free Comic Book Day offering awhile back, but it seems the time has finally come to reveal the second side of the release which features the Fraggles as rendered by Jake Myler.

The likenesses are dead-on, right down to the Fraggles' slightly felty skin and furry manes. They're also depicted in the midst of painting. I'm not sure if Red is breaking the fourth wall and staring into our souls for inspiration, but Mokey's hippie gaze seems to indicate the group is probably completing something awesome (my money is on Marjory the Trash Heap).

Myler's art has really impressed me of late, especially following my discovery of his upcoming "Darkwing Duck: The Duck Knight Returns" cover for Boom! His attention to detail and authenticity really stands out, but somehow his own style shines through. It's a balance that seems just right for these particular projects.

Take a gander at the full-sized Fraggle cover after the jump.
[Via Twitter @ArchaiaComics]

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