I've been a pretty big fan of Archie Comics for quite a while now, but it's always bugged me that I've been relegated to the role of a passive observer. No matter how many comics I read, I can't warn Archie of the folly of making two dates at once, or encourage Jughead to maybe mix things up with a salad now and then. Now, however, that is all about to change, as the Archie: Betty or Veronica? game for iOS will give me absolute, godlike control of Riverdale itself!

The game, which is currently only available in Canada for reasons I can't even begin to comprehend, with a worldwide release on July 17, has a plot that might sound familiar to those of you who have played The Simpsons: Tapped Out. Here's the official description:

Be one of the first to rebuild Riverdale and collect all your favorite characters in Archie: Betty or Veronica. The gang is back together, and Riverdale needs your help! The Mayor has devastated the town, and taken flight. Now it’s up to you and the gang to rebuild the city. Journey through Riverdale and make it your very own with the help of all your favorite friends including Archie, Reggie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica.

Did I say "similar?" Because I meant "basically exactly the same." Although judging by the title, one does assume that a choice between Betty and Veronica will be involved at some point.

Still, I'm definitely looking forward to it, if only for the opportunity of seeing interesting Riverdale landmarks like the Lodge mansion, Pop Tate's Chocklit Shoppe, and Pickens Park -- you know, the park that was named after a Civil War soldier who was actually a time traveling Jughead? That's canon, y'all. Look it up.