Archie Comics just put 15 songs up on their website by The Archies, a fictional bubblegum pop band that supposedly featured Archie on guitar, Jughead on drums, Betty on the tambourine, etc. The Archies, despite not being real, actually had a #1 hit in 1969 called "Sugar, Sugar." You might remember it from that Simpsons episode where Homer ends up adrift at sea and sings it while dancing with imaginary candy in his mind.

Also: Archie and Jughead apparently "write" a blog? I think each post is supposed to tie in to a particular Archie comic, but it ends up looking like a Twitter account by the most boring person in the world. Even better is Betty's blog, which reads like the worst Livejournal this side of junior high school, with absurd pre-teen catfights and everything.