I've always wondered how Archie organizes its back catalog. For about 70 years, its stories were created with the idea that they'd be reprinted in digests, which still goes on today with the company's pretty considerable line of reprints. But with that being the case, how does Archie do it? Is there a big filing cabinet somewhere with keywords like "Baseball," or "Two Dates At Once," or "Archie's Car Is Terrible And Disappoints Everyone"? Does the publisher just have someone in a room somewhere who's constantly reading old issues of Archie and taking notes? And if so, how can I get that job?!

Either way, the company is celebrating its three quarters of a century this week with the launch of Archie Jumbo Comics 75th Anniversary Celebration Digest, which includes a classic story and some more recent hits. Check out a preview below!



Interestingly enough, that second story previewed above was the final "classic" Archie story to run in Archie #666 before the book was rebooted with its new, more contemporary aesthetic from Mark Waid and Fiona Staples. See? I'm ready for the card catalogue, folks.

Here's the official solicitation:


Celebrate Archie’s 75th anniversary in a special way with the first installment of this BRAND NEW commemorative digest series! This issue is jam-packed some of the best Archie stories, bonus art pages and fun intros from writers, artists and fans alike. Each anniversary digest is a special collector’s item for every Archie fan!

Script: Various
Art: Various
Cover: Dan DeCarlo
On Sale Date: 9/7
224-page, full color comic
$6.99 U.S.