We at ComicsAlliance love comics, and we love music, so last week we decided to combine those two loves and create playlist tributes to some of our favorite titles. Think of these as something to listen to while you read the comic, or an introduction to the vibe of a comic if you're not yet a fan. We were so inspired that we're keeping the playlists coming, and making them a more permanent part of our catalog.

Archie Andrews has always been quite the musician, and there are several stories involving him pursuing his dreams of rock stardom --- but his friends and family (and Reggie) have been in the musical spotlight too. For this playlist based on the current incarnation of the monthly Archie series by Mark Waid, Thomas Pitilli, Ryan Jampole, Joe Eisma, Veronica Fish et al, I decided to look at all the most beloved characters (and Reggie) and choose one song that fits each of them.

Check out the track-by-track guide below, or listen along on the ComicsAlliance Spotify.

  • Gold On The Ceiling

    The Black Keys (El Camino)

    Archie Andrews is a pretty straightforward guy, so he's gotta be a fan of rock that gets right down to business. Very few rock bands today get down to business more than The Black Keys, with songs like this full of scorching guitar solos. I can see ol' Arch laboring for hours to get these licks down. He's probably baffled by the song's strange, Harmony Korine-directed video, but that's typical for anyone not high out of their mind.

  • Send My Love (To Your New Lover)

    Adele (25)

    Betty Cooper isn't the type to stand around mooning over her ex. Well, not for too long. While the lyrical content of this song may not precisely match up with Archie and Betty's romantic life, the message and tone of this song as the ultimate kiss-off is one Betty might get behind.

  • Little Numbers

    BOY (Mutual Friends)

    Despite her posh airhead demeanor, Veronica Lodge no doubt has eclectic pop music tastes as a world-hopping jet-setter. She's also a soft romantic underneath her harsh judgmental exterior, so it's pretty easy to imagine Veronica dancing alone in her bedroom to this German duo's lovely little jam while thinking of her klutzy sweetheart.

  • First World Problems

    "Weird Al" Yankovic (Mandatory Fun)

    Jughead and Weird Al is a no-brainer, but why this song? Well, Jughead's nickname stems from him being old money — until his family lost it all, and lil' Forsythe got a pretty harsh jolt. Ever since, money is "a sensitive topic," so Juggie probably gets a few wry laughs out of this song from 2014's Mandatory Fun. Bonus: He may equally dig the Pixies, the band Yankovic riffs on here.

  • The Greatest

    Raleigh Ritchie (You're A Man Now, Boy)

    Being the Worst Person In The Universe, Reggie Mantle probably sees this song as inspirational instead of the blast of sad numbness that it actually is. Ugh. But Reggie's home is pretty bleak, so maybe he does grasp the subtext, and just pushes it out of mind in order to focus on the (admittedly catchy) beat. Either way, you just know he blares the chorus at really inappropriate times.

    (And yes, Raleigh Ritchie is also Greyworm in Game of Thrones.)

  • Magnets

    Disclosure feat. Lorde (Caracal)

    One thing that people tend to forget about Cheryl Blossom is that she's not just a pretty vamp; she's also crafty and resourceful, knowing what she wants and exactly how to get it. This slinky bit of electropop, coupled with Lorde's always detached vocals, underscores that perfectly.

  • The Love Within

    Bloc Party (Hymns)

    Kevin Keller's not as prominent in Archie as he is in Jughead, where he serves chiefly as Jughead's straight man (if you'll pardon the expression), but he's still a blast of positive vibes. And nothing says positive vibes like the opening track from Bloc Party's most recent album, which repurposes the opening lines of their 2007 "introvert wired on ecstasy" anthem "The Prayer" for a deep groove of sunshine.

  • Roar

    Katy Perry (Prism)

    Sheila Wu is a go-getter. Whether that means intervening in her friend Betty's fashion life, or trying to recruit Jughead to rig prom king/queen votes to get "Bettchie" back together, she knows what she wants and goes to great lengths to get it. Would those lengths include riding a giant lion at the Super Bowl like Perry once did to this song? Maybe!

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