If you're a longtime ComicsAlliance reader, you may have already heard us sing the praises of Tania Del Rio's fantastic 42-issue run on Sabrina the Teenage Witch. It's a great run, combining Del Rio's fantastic manga-inspired artwork with an ongoing Harry Potterish story of a magical world in the grips of a conspiracy and rebellion, with a huge helping of romance thrown in for good measure. The only real flaw is that if you weren't reading it as it was coming out, there was a stretch of time where it wasn't reprinted and wasn't easy to find.

Fortunately, that is no longer the case: In addition to releasing the issues digitally, Archie is putting out a set of digest-sized omnibus collections of Tania Del Rio's Sabrina.The first volume was listed in Previews for January, with 256 pages of witchity teenage romance for $10.99. It's a comparable price to picking up the issues digitally, with the main difference being that the printed version, in true manga fashion, is black and white. In a way, that's a shame -- the original versions have nice colors that make everything pop -- which is a good thing when people are throwing around spells and other visually interesting elements -- but it still looks pretty good in the grayscale form.

Either way, it's a nice thick chunk of all-ages comics that are well-done on every level. Sabrina was one of the most underrated books of the past decade, and now that it's coming out in widely available formats, you're losing every excuse you had for not jumping on.