Superheroes can be complicated individuals, and Arian Noveir seems to understand that in his silhouette portraits that look like they were cut out of Jackson Pollock paintings. The French artist captures a level chaos and emotional turmoil similar to some of Bill Sienkiewicz's best work, but he does it in a way that would like appropriate on Criterion Collection cover.
Noveir's subjects thus far include comics staples such as Spider-Man, Hellboy and Batman, so he would be a fine choice to designs a slipcover for a hardcover compilation of any of their stories. And you don't have to take our word for it. Just click on into his deviantART account to what he's capable of.

His Batman in particular packs an anarchic punch that makes it feel like a vigilante warning sign to thugs in a dark alley somewhere. See if his work is your cup of tea, and check out some colorful takes on Thor and the Hulk below:

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