Square Enix's roughly 9.5" tall Batman: Arkham City line is about to expand as the Joker and Batman in his Silver Age skin get the Play Arts Kai treatment this December, joining previously-released previously-released AC Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy toys.

Yeah, they may seem a little late to the party considering Arkham City dropped in 2011 and its sequel, Arkham Origins, is due out in October, but collectors didn't seem to mind a similar time disparity when the PAK Arkham Asylum toys came out two years back.

Retailing for around $70, both figures comes with interchangeable hands and heads, their own display bases and unique accessories. The Joker comes outfitted with a pistol and a big 'ol knife, while Batman's got a totally nonlethal batarang and grappling hook. Seriously, none of the generic henchmen stay down for long when they take batarangs to the neck in those games.

You can get a look at each figure's product images below.