Particularly after another Comic-Con, the sting of Constantine’s cancellation still smarts, not only for lack of a second season, but also the dream of a DC crossover. That said, Arrow is reportedly still trying to conjure John Constantine an appearance in Season 4, and may yet return the Hellblazer to life after all.

Speaking to IGN in San Diego last week, newly-elevated co-showrunner Wendy Mericle confirmed that while the potential for Constantine to join the Green Arrow in Season 4 remains on the table, at least one or more factors might prevent the teamup from coming to fruition:


Yeah, we really want to do it. It’s something we’ve been talking to DC about and it’s just a question of some political things, but also the actor’s schedule. We’re trying to work it out, but we don’t know 100 percent if it’s going to happen … But we’re really optimistic and we would love to have him.


Stephen Amell too chimed in on the exchange, adding “fingers crossed.” The Arrow star had previously offered to put in a Constantine appearance in hopes of spurring a second season, also teasing that an Arrow crossover would likely see the demon-fighting detective brought in to consult on the Lazarus Pit, which itself became a key plot point in Season 3 and looks to factor into the Legends of Tomorrow spinoff.

Thus far of Arrow Season 4, we know the fourth year is expected to somewhat creatively revamp the series after its Season 3 finale saw Oliver retiring the vigilante lifestyle, at least with his current costume. In addition to a focus on DC villains H.I.V.E. and Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough), Season 4 will also introduce Mister Terrific and Batman villain Anarky, and may also feature flashbacks amid Green Lantern’s hometown of Coast City. Apart from Mericle’s elevation to co-showrunner alongside Marc Guggenheim, we also know that Punisher: War Zone director Lexi Alexander will helm an episode.

Reviving Matt Ryan’s Constantine for an Arrow Season 4 appearance wouldn’t quite fill the gap of losing the series altogether, but certainly offers one of the better consolation prizes we could imagine. Should the rights and schedules work out, would Arrow end up a good fit for the canceled Constantine?

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