Arrow Season 4 may not have revealed the mystery occupant of that grave flash-forward (fingers crossed, Wednesday!), but at least one cast member’s workload will only increase for Season 5. Following a terrific debut, Echo Kellum’s Curtis Holt will officially join Team Arrow for Season 5 as a series regular.

TVLine confirmed as much, following the characters induction into the “Bunker” last Wednesday, along with Felicity’s exit from the team. Of course, Curtis hasn’t quite taken up the “Mr. Terrific” mantle of his comic namesake just yet, but Season 5 regular status would certainly afford him the opportunity.

Then again, Kellum’s permanent presence among the team does call into question the longevity of Felicity’s self-imposed hiatus, given that Emily Bett Rickards will make no such series exit, nor could hers be the character killed off in Season 4 flash-forwards. There’s always the chance that Arrow inflicts another major loss as a sucker-punch before the season’s end, but consider Curtis safe, at least.

The season previously introduced Kellum’s Curtis Holt as a former Olympian, technological savant and Palmer Technologies inventor working under Felicity, a slight departure from his comics identity of Michael Holt, an exceptionally intelligent Olympic-level athlete joining the Justice Society of America after the untimely death of his wife and unborn child.

We’ll see more of Curtis this coming week with “Eleven-Fifty-Nine,” but will Season 5 finally bring Arrow full circle from its island beginnings?

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