The recent cancellation of Superman Family Adventures left a lot of readers -- especially those around here -- gnashing their teeth over another blow against fun, all-ages adventure comics. If you're on the verge of losing hope for this fallen world of ours, though, there's good news too: Art Baltazar and Franco, the creators behind Tiny Titans, Superman Family Adventures and more, are currently in the middle of a Kickstarter to raise money for their next venture, Aw Yeah Comics!

The funding is set to raise money for the first six issues, which will feature stories by Chris Roberson, Jason Aaron, Mark Waid and more, and after just a week on Kickstarter they've already more than doubled their goal. The only thing left is to make it even more awesome.

Baltazar and Franco's comics are pretty great, but what really made the Kickstarter interesting -- for me, anyway -- was the way they approached the rewards. There are the standard levels of digital copy, print copy and print copy with bonuses that I think we've all become pretty familiar with over the past year, but as the reward tiers went higher, things were a little different. The $100 level where Mark Waid would call you up on the phone and, in an act of what can only be called heresy, tell you "why Superman is better than Batman" was gone within three hours.

Right now, the Kickstarter is more than twice its original goal, and the focus is on adding new stuff. Mike Norton is contributing a story of his Battle Pug duking it out with Baltazar and Franco's Action Cat, and there's been talk of expanding to a larger twelve-issue run. So head over there and check it out -- it's exactly the kind of thing that's worth supporting!

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